Bivariate color polygon renderer

Plugin providing bivariate render for QGIS. Examples of the bivariate visualization can be found in this article.

The plugin contains all the necessary python objects to handle creation of bivariate choropleth maps. That includes polygon renderer, layout item with legend and necessary GUI widgets for them.

Example visualization


If you use the plugin in your work, please cite it properly. The citation for the plugin should be:

CAHA, Jan, 2022. Bivariate color polygon renderer (version 1.0).  Online. QGIS Plugin - Python. Available from:
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The plugin is available from QGIS Python Plugins Repository here. It can also be installed directly from QGIS via the Plugins tool.

How to use the plugin

The render is located in the "Symbology" menu for polygon vector layers.

Render location and settings

The legend in layout has its own icon on the left side, or can be found in "Add Item" menu as "Add Plot item Bivariate Renderer".

Render location and settings


List of project contributors on GitHub.