version 0.8.2

  • fixes in npm and mapshaper finding and running

version 0.8

  • added Console tools - processing and also interactive

  • fix issue in folders guessing, that cause the plugin not to load some times

version 0.7

  • allow partial generalization of layer based on selection for GUI tool and based on attribute value for processing tool

  • add parameter to clean data in simplify tools (both processing and gui based ones)

  • add tool to simplify inner or outer lines of polygon layers

  • reworked the way how mapshaper folder is guessed - should do better job now

  • added option to specify command name to be runned in the Options - processing -> Providers

  • on Windows the temp data created by interactive tool are not deleted immediately but the deletion should be handle by QGIS upon closing

version 0.5.1

  • fix wrong import in causing an error

version 0.5

  • plugin is no longer experimental

  • better mapshaper location identification, now based on existence system presence of npm

  • GUI tests that caused issue on Github Actions are now skipped on Github Actions

version 0.4

  • use QProcess instead of Python's subprocess

  • add planar option to tool Simplify Vector and Interactive Simplifier, that is determined by input layer CRS

  • add tool - Convert to TopoJSON

  • website

  • add more tests to make plugin more robust

version 0.3

  • first version